About Synergy Power Systems, Inc
and our Whole House Generator Services

Synergy Power Systems, Inc is your trusted whole house generator installer in Reading PA and Ephrata PA. We’re not just another whole home generator company; we’re your Generac certified and authorized dealer to provide you the best generator for a whole house - and we're dedicated to helping you get your power needs met.

A Generac Guardian series 10 kW whole home generator installed along the side of a residential home in West Reading, PA

We provide whole house electric generators and get you the best Generac home generator pricing.

Synergy has over 10 years of experience in installing and servicing Generac home backup electrical generators; as a certified and authorized Generac service provider, we ensure great pricing and customer experience.

We are customer-oriented and ensure 100% customer satisfaction with your whole house gen every time.

We are highly trained and certified to handle intricate and difficult wiring projects including entire house generators, electric vehicle EV charging stations, panel upgrades, panel replacement, service upgrade, and more.

With Generac home backup electrical generators, all of our quality products, and the most experienced technicians, we ensure superlative results.

Why Choose Us

Here are some of the many reasons why we offer superior electrician services.

  • 1 Generator Installation & Servicing (1 Year Workmanship Warranty)
  • 2 Trained & Certified Technicians for Generac Generators
  • 3 Generac’s Guidelines, State & Local Regulations Compliant
  • 4 Skilled at Home Standby Generator Installation
  • 5 Generators, Panel & Service Upgrades